Why Not Sample A Fish Pedicure For Better Looking Feet?

Loads of people are discovering the benefits of a fish pedicure. It is not exactly new, having been round in certain countries for years. But here, it can be growing into the latest hot fashion! It may sound a little strange at first, but a fish pedicure could be just what your feet want to get them back into shape. Using the very clever Garra Rufa, otherwise known as Doctor Fish, the dead and damaged skin cells on your feet can be removed.

Why can a fish do the job better than a qualified human consultant?
But, why is a fish pedicure better than a human sitting at the end of your legs and scraping away the skin off your feet?

Well that is exactly the reason. A human in effect works blindly – just removing all of the skin from a target area. Dead, damaged or healthy, that skin might be scraped or filed off. And if you remove too much good skin, that is when it might become sore.

The Garra Rufa are just interested in the skin you want to get rid of
However, the clever little Garra Rufa are only interested in the dead and damaged skin cells on your feet. So when your feet are emerged into their water they will set to work straight away removing those dead and damaged cells, leaving just the healthy living tissue.

Whether you have hard patches of dead skin on your feet, skin disease for instance psoriasis or merely fancy a tune up of your feet, the Garra Rufa fish might do the job for you.

These tiny fish are toothless and gentle
And whilst doing the job you should feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed. You do not need to worry round these little fish biting you – they are not “Jaws”! In fact, these tiny little minnows are toothless, normally feeding off algae they find at the bottom of the warm ponds that they live in.

Their wild cousins also spend ample of their time treating the bigger fish in exactly the same way as they will your feet – by grooming them and removing all of the dead and damaged skin cells they find on the bigger fish.

Are you looking for a present suggestion?
Of course, beauty treatments are often popular gifts and given that this is something of a new type of treatment, why not treat someone you love to a gift of a fish pedicure? After a short while spent having their feet pampered by the fish they are bound to be very thankful for the gift you have picked for them!

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