Why Poeple Lose Hair?

There are many misconceptions about hair growth. Can products actually make them grow? However, whiles it is true your genes determine the rate of hair growth there are certain things that have to be in place if you want it to grow at a fast rate.

The first thing you need to know about your mane is that it is a dead structure made entirely up of protein. What we see as hair growth is actually protein fibers being pushed up on the surface of the scalp due to specific skin cells that build up keratin, the hair protein. Thus, the more protein you consume the better the chance of it growing. Despite the fact that hair growth is genetically predetermined, you should dedicate attention to it and find ways to accelerate the rate of growth. Having healthy hair is a benefit for your overall health and you should make endeavor to keep it that way. How fast hair grows is usually written in your genes

Think of a plant. It is genetically programmed to grow a certain length and speed. However if you use the right fertilizer it will grow bigger and faster than nature intended it to. Your hair stylist may tell you that split ends are a threat to growing hair and that regular trims will help you grow healthier hair. However, these are not true either. The parts of hair damaged by split ends are the very tips and they have no influence on your hair growth. Also, even if you do get trims regularly they will not stimulate your hair to grow. Therefore, it is best to stop thinking how fast hair growth is if you go to a hair salon on a regular basis. Trims help grow healthy tresses because they prevent split ends from affecting newly growing tresses.

What will influence your hair positively is healthy diet. You should eat fruits and vegetables as well as protein rich foods. The latter category is especially beneficial to your hair, since hair is made of protein, and meat and peanuts are some members of it. There is still one threat that you should watch out for. Some people recommend a regular intake of some vitamins, including prenatal vitamins for the stimulation of new follicle growth. Prenatal pills and biotin should be part of your supplement plan if you wish to grow a longer mane

All of the above being said, the best thing would be to keep your hair healthy and take care of your nutrition. What will help your hair stay healthy is a lot of protein and some necessary vitamins. However, stay away from advice and products that tell you that how fast hair growth is can be changed. It may cost you your good health.

Use a good herbal oil called Mira hair oil, it has all the herbs known to boost the growth of your tresses. All you need is one treatment a week for faster growing locks.

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