Why Straight Hair No Longer Rules

It probably started with Jennifer Aniston and the rest of the Friends gang like every other hairstyle thats come in and out of fashion over the last decade, but the trend for poker straight hair was a long one. Hundreds of women from up and down the country dragged themselves out of bed early to iron their hair to achieve the sleekest, smoothest and flattest hair possible. Hair curlers were shunned in favour of the latest hair straightening treatments, with home hair straighteners overtaking the sale of hairdryers. With temperatures reaching up to 450°F this morning ritual caused much damage to the hair, thinning the hair shaft and causing breakages .

Now thank goodness it seems that this craze is over and were seeing a lot more curls on the catwalk and from our favourite celebrities. With summer on its way and the bohemian vibe coming back onto the high street, tumbling waves that look more natural and romantic is the more fashionable choice. The features of your face can be softened by curls and there are a variety of styles from tousled to tamed looks to suit all face shapes.

If you’re new to having curls its better to go for a soft and natural wavy hair style. Although a tumbling mass of beautiful curls can be stunning its a difficult look to achieve and nobody wants to look like they’re stuck in the 80s or surrounded by a mound of frizz.

Curls can be for everyone so don’t think that you cant have curls if your hair isn’t long, short curly hair can be just as pretty and easily achieved. Whether you’d prefer a softer more feminine wave or tighter little ringlets, with a good cut and the right product there’s no reason why your hairstyle won’t also cut it on the catwalk.

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